About Us


The Carleton Engineering Musical is an annual musical production that serves as a creative and comedic outlet for all students at Carleton University. Each year, the students are given the opportunity to write, sing, dance, act, perform, build, organize, advertise, and produce a specially “engineered” version of a different popular musical that portrays the struggles and triumphs of engineering students everywhere. Audience members can expect a funny, satirical, loud and silly production. The proceeds of each production are donated to charity at the end of the school year. Featuring a hilarious script, a live band, talented vocalists, fun choreography, theatrical lighting and whimsical sets, the show is sure to please current students, nostalgic engineering graduates, and musical fanatics alike. Auditions will be held in September, we hope to see you there! 

Follow us on social media through our Facebook (The Carleton Engineering Musical), or Instagram (@cengmusical). You can also visit our website at cengmusical.ca, and any inquiries can be made to carletonengineeringmusical@gmail.com